Become our business partner. Yes, many people have dreams of becoming a business owner, but aren’t sure where to begin. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but don’t necessarily want to start a business from the ground up, looking into franchises is an opportunity worth considering. It’s one of the easiest ways to break into business ownership, giving aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to make their business dreams a reality without the challenges of starting from scratch.

To help you make your dreams of franchise ownership a reality, you can join our brand with all bits of help from us.

All Our Partners share our commitment to standing with the values and ethics of addressing health concerns of millions of people word wide by following the ayurvedic way of treating and healing and equipping people with skills and knowledge to make them more aware of their health. Together we share the belief that everyone have the right towell- being, health and happiness. Our partners not merely join us from a business point of view, but also share a social responsibility of making this world health and spread the idea of wellness through nature, as Ayurveda rightly denotes. Together we and our partners make sure that ourprogramme is executed, measured and replicated with success for a lasting impact.


  • Equal share in the profit
  • Enjoys the freedom to make his/her own channel to develop the business as a brand
  • Periodical training and knowledge sharing
  • Full support in setting up and operation of the business
  • Branding opportunities

We strongly believe that our partners too share our values of imbibing innovation and indigenous practices to catalyze solutions that meet the needs of people who are looking for a better method of cure and management of their health. We look to have greater engagement together, so as to have maximum impact.

Get in touch with our Corporate Relations team, at should you require more information on how we can leverage our expertise to match your priorities and expectations.